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Month: August 2009

Re[10]: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] What's missing in KDE 4: let's file some bugs

From: Илья Черных <neptunia@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 13:13:32 +0400
> Then you need to talk with those who are porting the themes.

KDE3 did not include Plasma, so simple porting would not help here.

> In any case, suggestig that the panel should not
utilize plasma is ridiculous, the panel _is_ plasma.

That's sad.

> What would not affect your feel that KDE4 is
something like home-made hobby DE like MinuetOS

Selection like in Windows, KDE3, Gnome etc.

> I did not mean to insult you by suggesting that _you_
> actually put some effort into KDE, which is a community effort. 

Why should I re-do things which already had been done? Because some vandal came on and broke them? And even if I do, eventually some other vandal will come and again remove the features?

It it easy and painless for KDE4 devs to through out artwork made by other.