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Month: August 2009

Re: Re[8]: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] What's missing in KDE 4: let's file some bugs

From: Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 11:37:38 +0300
> Like kicker. It did not require special kiker theme. For example, Qt themes prted from KDE3 (Phase for example) do not have style for plasma and hence the panel looks different than other windows. Ideally the panel should not utilize plasma at all. But since it is not the case, it should at least be able to make impression that it it not plasma, but a normal window.

Then you need to talk with those who are porting the themes. I'm
sorry, but there are KDE 4 themes that do as you expect and I really
don't see a problem. In any case, suggestig that the panel should not
utilize plasma is ridiculous, the panel _is_ plasma.

>> Could you elaborate? What is bad-looking about the rubberband (that's
>> what the rectangle is called)? Does it affect your work?
> No. It does affect my feel that KDE4 is something like home-made hobby DE like MinuetOS.

I do not understand. What would not affect your feel that KDE4 is
something like home-made hobby DE like MinuetOS (An OS that I am not
familiar with, so there is not use in comparing the two)?

>> There exists the Device Notifier plasmoid, and the Trash can be shown
>> in the Folder View plasmoid.
> I do not use plasmoids other than folder view for the whole desktop. I want the abovementioned places were just as other icons (and I could work with them just as with others).

Comment here:

>> Please do! I am sure that many people would appreciate your effort. Thanks.
> It was you who came here and asked what to do. I have other things to do. And I heve other DEs which are much better for me than KDE4.

I am sorry, I misinterpreted your post as your intention to port the
KDE artwork. I did not mean to insult you by suggesting that _you_
actually put some effort into KDE, which is a community effort. Please
accept my apologies for my misinterpretation, my suggestion, and my
thanks of your incorrectly-perceived offer.

I suppose that my two children, my volunteer work at a
humanitarian-aid center, my university degree, and my own work do not
count as "other things to do" for purposes of one putting an effort
into KDE that we all enjoy. I free you now from even the time that it
would take to file a feature request or respond in an appreciative
manner to someone who is willing to file the feature request for you.
You may now killfile my address and disregard further communication
from me. I won't bother you again, assuming that you realize that
public communications from me (websites, mailing lists) are not
directed for you but rather for all those who read such a public forum
and I cannot prevent your from reading those public forums.

Dotan Cohen