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Month: January 2010

KDE3 in OpenSUSE is automatically maintained?

From: Илья Черных <neptunia@...>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 02:23:15 +0300
Hi, Timothy. 

You said that a lot of effort needed to make KDE3 to work under Lucid and some features are broken in Karmic. But in OpenSUSE there is well working KDE3 in the latest OpenSUSE version as well as in the Factory and nothing is broken. It also works well with KDE4 and better integrated (i.e. you can run KDE3 applications from Gnome session console by just typing their name, i.e. 'kate' for example, and KDE3 apps appear in Gnome menu). I asked guys in the mailing lists and the IRC but nobody knows who takes care of the KDE3 repo. People say it is automatically maintained. Currently there is "KDE 3.5.10 release 80", i.e. 80th release after final KDE 3.5.10.

I wonder why they have no such troubles with adapting KDE3 to newer distro releases and nothing gets broken. Or why do you experience such troubles?