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Month: September 2009

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] ttf-bitstream-vera not in karmic anymore

From: kb9vqf@...
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 19:17:43 -0500 (CDT)
I finally got a large chunk of free time with which to fix bugs.

* Bugzilla ( http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net ) is now back online, so
bugs can be reported there instead of to this list
* All of the below should be fixed
* kvirc-kde3 is now in the repository

Please let me know if there are other issues/requests for Karmic!  (I
might even consider KDE feature requests...send those to this list).

Timothy Pearson
KDE3.5 Maintainer

> Yes, they are indeed fixed! Thanks a lot! I came across a few more
> issues though. When I install kubuntu-desktop-kde3 it also brings in
> some KDE4 packages. I was able to figure out some causes and a few other
> things:
> The control file of kde-style-qtcurve-kde3 I think should have a line:
> Provides: kde-style-qtcurve
> Right now it will trigger the install of gtk2-engines-qtcurve which
> depends on kde-style-qtcurve which is the KDE4 package.
> I think that many things may work better if such lines (provides with
> the package name without -kde3 appended) would be added to all packages.
> I also had a problem before where AcetoneISO was looking for konqueror
> and did not like my konqueror-kde3 although it works fine with it. When
> packages would need the KDE4 versions, they'll specify a specific
> minimum version anyhow, so I think adding such a line would not break
> anything.
> Another small issue is kdebase-kde3 recommending kdm instead of
> kdm-kde3. Changing this seems to prevent kdm from getting installed.
> foomatic-db-hpijs is recommended by kubuntu-desktop-kde3 but has been
> replaced by foomatic-db.
> apport-qt and openoffice.org-kde are recommended by kubuntu-desktop-kde3
> but they both depend on KDE4 libraries. Similarly hplip-gui is
> recommended by kubuntu-desktop-kde3 but is uses libqt4.
> Some of the recommended packages aren't available for me:
> kdebluetooth-kde3, kubuntu-docs-kde3, strigi-applet,
> system-config-printer-kde-kde3
> I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more information. I can try
> to dig some more then :)
> Julius
> kb9vqf@... wrote:
>> This bug, and the kdm PAM file bug, should now be fixed.  Let me know if
>> they truly are or not!
>> Tim
>>> I don't know whether this is known bug. It is the first thing I come
>>> across when installing KDE3, so I can imagine it is.
>>> kubuntu-desktop-kde3 depends on ttf-bitstream-vera but it's not
>>> available anymore in karmic as you can see here:
>>> http://packages.ubuntu.com/nl/jaunty/ttf-bitstream-vera
>>> Here is a patch:
>>> http://haar.student.utwente.nl/~julius/patches/no_ttf-bitstream-vera.patch
>>> I just removed the package from the dependencies. This allows me to
>>> install everything, but somehow also brings in some KDE4 packages on my
>>> system. Another option would be to add this package to the KDE3
>>> repository.