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Month: May 2009


From: King Knut <king.knut@...>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 00:48:06 +0200

I'm really happy to have KDE3 back as my default desktop. Thus I've got the 
possibility to check out KDE4 while working with a known an stable desktop.

But there is one thing I'm already missing. Knetworkmanager doesn't work 
anymore as it did before the upgrade to Jaunty. The program used to be a 
powerful tool which I used quite frequently not only to connect to different 
wireless networks with my laptop but also to get additional information like 
Mac-ID's of access point or statistics about data transmission. None of these 
features exist anymore. 

Is there a way to get back the "old" knetworkmanager or at least is there a 
tool which provides the same functionality?