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Month: April 2009

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty - Final Release?

From: kb9vqf@...
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 11:24:37 -0500 (CDT)
> kb9vqf@... wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Just a quick question, I'm planning to install the Kde3 Remix of Jaunty
>>> for
>>> myself as well as a friend (which is why I'm asking so that I can give
>>> them
>>> an estimate, I'm happy to just wait myself!)- as such I was wondering
>>> if
>>> there is an ETA on the final release of this? Or will we be able to
>>> upgrade
>>> from the release candidate using apt?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> cjp
>> Hi cjp,
>> I am currently waiting for the PPA build system to finish
>> kde-guidance-kde3.  When this is done I can compile the final CDs, so
>> tentatively look for them tonight.  At worst they will be available
>> tomorrow.
>> Yes, you will be able to upgrade with APT, but you won't automatically
>> get
>> kde-guidance-kde3 if you do that.
>> Thanks for your interest!
>> Tim
> Were there be torrents made of the final?  Downloading CD from repo is
> slow and error prone.
> Thanks
> Robert

Hi Robert,

For sure! :-)  In fact, I prefer that you use torrent of possible; it
lessens the strain on my servers and, when enough people are downloading
simultaneously, I have seen download speeds in excess of 1Mbit/sec!