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Month: December 2014

Shortcuts and others difficulties

From: Patrick Serru <patrik@...>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2014 12:08:24 -0500
� � Hi All,

� � Back on that list after 2 years. I installed Trinity from Slavec (?) live 
CD. It is ok. Thanks a lot to the nice job the team as done. I just 
mentionned some prolems.

Shortcut (boring, but for memory because of all the bug reports) :
- the shortcut "Ctrl" "S" as two meaning in TDE Kate: classical "save" 
and "search". In the french version of a lot of sofware, the "F" is used 
instead of the "S" for search, as in "Find". It's looks a little bit more 
positive (-: and is so in other worlds (windows-fr, KDE3-fr, etc)
- "Ctrl" "A" is "select all" in France (and US too ?). Living in Peru, I had 
the occasion to see that "select all" is "Ctrl" "E" for localised MS Windows. 
This a general standard problem, because editing a single line, like the name 
of a file in an "Open file" dialog, this shortcut permits to s�lect all the 
characters of that line.
- "Alt" F4" is usually the shortcut to close the active window (MS Windows, 
KDE3...). There is no such shortcut in latest version of TDE.

KMail (not a big problem, but well strange) :
I specified to the system that my keyboard was spanish, but nothing else 
related to that language, excepted the fact that local time is Lima's. In 
this version of TDE, the day of the week in the mail "header" is indicated in 
spanish like "S�b" for saturday, "Mie" for wednesday, instead of [Lun, Mar, 
Mer, Jeu, Ven, Sam, Dim] in fr.

Applications :
This is more related to Ubuntu, I think; I did not succed to install and run 
Skype, Chrome or Chromium. I come from years (15 ?) spent with S�se - 
OpenSUSE (last is/was Oss 12.2 + KDE3.5) �so, I am a bit lost in Ubuntu. I 
would like to install all the TDE application, for avaluation. I suppose that 
I should enter a "apt" command to do that all in one, but which one, please. 
In the first liveCD of Slavec, there was more tool to help administration of 
packages, or ?

� � Finaly, the main question is: is there a local solution for solving these 
mshortcut problems, that are the most boring ?

� � I am using TDE version R14.0.0 [DEVELOPMENT] (upgraded yesterday).

� � Thanks for the attention you paid to this mail,
� � Sincerly,