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Month: December 2010

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] DCOP problems under maverick

From: Stefan Endrullis <stefan@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 11:06:44 +0100
On 11.12.2010 22:36, Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> recently I upgraded to maverick and suddenly experienced problems with
>> DCOP commands which worked always fine under intrepid, jaunty, lucid, and
>> karmic.
>> It seems that the QString support has been removed from DCOP in maverick.
>> When I call
>>   dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotRunCommandInSession 'cd /'
>> in a console I get the message
>>   cannot handle datatype 'QString'
>> The 'cd /' command is of course not executed in yakuake.  Moreover it
>> seems that all DCOP functions that take any QString as parameter or return
>> a QStrings are affected by this issue.
>> In other words: yakuake (and maybe also some other programs) cannot be
>> remotely controlled anymore which is a pitty because I used the remote
>> controlling functionality daily.  I used to press F2 in the krusader to
>> open a yakuake session in the current directory, but this does not work
>> anymore.
>> Did someone else experience this problem?
>> Does anybody know how it can be fixed?
> It can be fixed by completing the TQt conversion of those applications. 
> Basically, a while back a large chunk of Trinity was ported to use a
> different class naming scheme so that the project would be less dependent
> on Trolltech's whims with respect to the Qt API.  So QString became
> TQString, etc.  Unfortunately not all the third party applications were
> ported before the Maverick release date, so DCOP may not work properly
> with some of them until the conversion is complete.

Thanks for the info, Timothy.  Good to hear that this is going to be fixed.