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Month: October 2010

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] Torrents are stalled in all torrent clients

From: Jason Goldfine-Middleton <jasonwoodfine@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 17:27:50 -0700
Thanks Jimmy,

I actually tried a torrent that wasn't using the same tracker as the
ones that weren't working in any client, and that one downloaded fine.
 It seems that the tracker I was using yesterday was malfunctioning -
I tested the same torrent in a different OS with the same failed
results.  So, my apologies.  :)  Thanks for getting back to me.


On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 10:42 PM, Jimmy Johnson <JimmyJhn@...> wrote:
> Jason Goldfine-Middleton wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Really excited about the continued development of KDE 3.5 but I have
>> to say it is really hard to find information on the KDE 3 environment
>> since most of KDE 4's apps have the same names...  Anyway, I'm using
>> the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 10.10 (Trinity of course) and having
>> issues getting torrents to run in Ktorrent (both the KDE 3 and KDE 4
>> versions).  I have forwarded the ports in my router and also have UPnP
>> running on the router and in Ktorrent.  UPnP appears to work in
>> Transmission as well, but the torrents remain stalled.  I haven't
>> gotten a single torrent past 0.00%.  I'm really bummed because I use
>> torrents all the time and I want to use KDE 3.5 so badly... has anyone
>> else resolved/had this issue?  Thanks for your assistance!
>> Jason
> Hi Jason, I was going to checkout Ktorrent for you, but I always install
> guarddog with k torrent and guarddog is not installable, it depends on
> kdelibs4c2a-4:3.5.10 and kdelibs-data-4:3.5.10, so unless a guarddog package
> is built for trinity I can't install ktorrent for 10.10.
> I was able to install guarddog and ktorrent on trinity ubuntu 10.04 LTS and
> I was able to get torrents to start.
> --
> Jimmy Johnson
> Ubuntu 10.10 - Trinity KDE 3.5.12 - EXT4 - 64-bit at sda11
> Registered Linux User #380263