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Month: September 2010

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] Problems installing kdelibs-data kdelibs4c2a

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 12:39:53 -0500
> On Wednesday 01 September 2010 20:11:33 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> > On Wednesday 01 September 2010 19:43:54 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> >> The outdated 3.5.10 version of kdelibs in the Ubuntu archives
>> (including
>> >> kdelibs-data) is not compatible with the new KDE3/Trinity version of
>> >> kdelibs (which includes kdelibs-data-kde3).  Please remove
>> kdelibs-data,
>> >> and note which programs will be removed with it.  Then try
>> reinstalling
>> >> those programs, but with a -kde3 suffix appended.  For example,
>> >> kolourpaint becomes kolourpaint-kde3.
>> >
>> > We on OpenSUSe have no such problems and kdebase3 in the official
>> > OpenSUSE repository is in fact the same as that in our KDE3 repo
>> > (it is maintained in KDE3 repo and linked to it from Factory).
>> That its because your official archive maintainers were kind enough to
>> remove the offending packages from the main archive,
> They did not remove any offending packages. There is simply no offending
> packages.
Which is because they do not exist in the primary archive.  The simple
fact is Ubuntu quite suddenly dropped KDE3 in favor of KDE4, but left
several badly outdated packages in the main repository.  I have no control
over that repository or their decision, and it has been causing headaches
for new Trinity users since the days of Ubuntu Intrepid.
> What is in KDE:KDE3 is the same as what was in OpenSUSE when it
> included KDE3 (11.0). And it always was maintained in KDE:KDE3, just the
> most
> stable packages were included in the official repo.
And are they in the official repository now?  If so then OpenSUSE has a
more open mind than Ubuntu.  If not, at least they were polite enough to
remove them so as to avoid conflicts with the KDE3 repository.
>> and transfer complete
>> control of the KDE3 system to the KDE3 repository maintainers.  Ubuntu
>> was
>> not so kind.  It is a very simple fix; just remove the old, outdated
>> package and only install the new packages from the KDE3/Trinity
>> repository.
>> Also, I'd would like to point out that Trinity contains features that
>> OpenSUSE does not.  OpenSUSE uses a patched version of the original
>> 3.5.10
>> release, and while they have added features over time their added
>> feature
>> set is quite different that Trinity's.  For example, OpenSUSE users
>> cannot
>> resize the panel or system tray icons independently of the panel height.
> Do you use Dolpin instead of Konq as some people say?
No.  The Trinity project utilizes Konqueror by default, although the user
can install Dolphin later if he or she wishes.
>> Trinity users can.
> On the other hand we made many patches. Recently we fixed handling
> encrypted
> rar archives and Yahoo login, today we ported Qt3 to libpng4 etc.
Some of those patches have been in Trinity for over four months now.  I
try to keep Trinity up to date by pulling patches from anyone still
working on a KDE3 variant; this keeps all the code available in one
location and (hopefully) creates a system that has the best of all worlds
so to speak.