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Month: April 2009

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] KDE 3 users: what is missing in KDE 4?

From: kb9vqf@...
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 12:58:09 -0500 (CDT)
> I am filing bugs for features missing from KDE 4 that were present in
> KDE 3. Please send to me the features that are missing for _you_ so
> that we can get them in future versions of KDE 4. Thanks!
> You can contact me off-list if you prefer.
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> Dotan Cohen
> http://what-is-what.com
> http://gibberish.co.il

Hmm...where do I start? ;-)

1. I want to be able to bring up a configuration dialog for *all* of the
Desktop and Taskbar settings by right-clicking on the taskbar.  All I get
when I do that now is a less than helpful stripped down (and ugly) bar
with a couple of settings on it.
2. A way to shut down plasma, or at least the UI portion of it.  Yes, I
know many people love the plasma interface, but many people hate it as
well.  When I say get rid of it, I mean that ugly "cashew" too (I think
you can remove the "cashew" in in KDE4.3 now, but you couldn't for quite a
3. A way to easily create a new theme--in KDE3, you could do almost
anything with the colors, level of desired effects, etc.
4. Bring back the good old kcontrol--style interface!!  My idea of a good
time is *not* clicking on icons, only to find that what I wanted was not
in that view and having to click back a couple of times before being able
to click on a different icon, which still does not contain the desired
settings...you get the point.  KDE3's reliance on tree views was wonderful
from a productivity standpoint, and I hate to see that element largely
missing in KDE4.
5. I want desktop previews in the pagers.  This is a very useful feature
that I sorely miss in KDE4.
6. Bring back the old clock, the one where I could have it display the
time, in bold, next to the full date, unbolded.  I really, really hate the
overall rounded, bulbous look of KDE4, and wish there was an
"un-Fisher-Price-it" setting that would streamline the interface and make
it sleek again.  That means no stacked text in the Taskbar, smaller icons
on the Desktop, getting rid of those huge blobs called the play, pause,
FF, and rewind buttons in Amarok, etc.  Not everyone has or can afford
QXGA monitors!
7. Most of all, bring back the overall configurability, and bring back
useful context menus!  See my complaint in #4; that applies to almost all
elements of the KDE4 inerface.  It is NOT FUN to have to click multiple
time to perform a task that you should have performed in one click under

There are more, but I'm going to see if these get fixed first.  Please
don't take this list as an insult; these are some of my major issues with
KDE4, and actually, the "new" desktop overall--a lot of these complaints
apply to Vista and Mac OSX as well.  KDE3 was like a fresh breeze to me
compared with those other two.

Thanks for the offer to file the bugs!