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Month: December 2009

dkpg: command not found

From: "Luca S." <sciamano.ml@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 20:44:44 +0100
I've installed Jaunty with KDE3.5 and I'm encountering the following
problem. Even though dpkg is installed (if I launch 'dpkg' in the
konsole I get the help text), when I try to use the command to install
a package ('dpkg -i packagename.deb') I get the following error:

bash: dkpg: command not found

This happens both with or without sudo before the command, so it's not
a problem of permissions.

'locate dpkg' outputs '/usr/bin/dpkg' but even if I launch

'/usr/bin/dpkg -i packagename.deb'

I get the same error!

Any suggestions?