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Month: August 2009

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] What's missing in KDE 4: let's file some bugs

From: Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@...>
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 23:33:54 +0300
> I woul like to see a very fast, simple, lightweight editor, a la kedit, in
> kde4.� Usuallly kate is way more than I need.

Have you tried Kwrite?

> BTW, I tried out one of the early versions of kde4 and found it to be buggy,
> incomplete
> and unusable, so I was pleasantly surprised when I upgraded to kde4.3; after
> using it (me, my wife and two kids) for a couple of weeks, we have wiped
> kde3.5.10 off the machine.
> Thank you for your work on kde4.

It's not my work, it is the work of Aaron and hundreds of other
coders. I just try to bridge the gap between coders and users. If you
google Aaron Seigo, though, I'm sure that he will appreciate the

Dotan Cohen