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Month: May 2009

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] KDE 3 users: what is missing in KDE 4?

From: Peter Lemken <peter@...>
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 11:57:17 +0200
On Saturday 02 May 2009 21:17:26 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > What is not obvious is the fact that the "old" system monitor is
> > inextrinsically linked to ksysguard in a way that you could define
> > monitors in ksysguard with all relevant parameters, i.e. defined range,
> > color, sensor, vertical and horizontal lines and then drag&drop them into
> > the panel.
> Please excuse the plagiarism, but comment here to back the feature request
> up: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=191377

I hope that seconding is good enough. As soon as there are questions from the 
developers I will foolow them up, having subscribed to the bug.

[Cluttered taskbar]

> I cannot reproduce this on my huge monitor! Can you please send to me
> a screenshot? Thanks.

Actually, I want is a spacer to created cleanly differentiated ares for 
starting icons, Systray, and various applets that I want to group into 
functional areas. 

> > There are only two states of an icon. Full colored and slightly opaque
> > when you move the mouse pointer over it. There is no difference between
> > hovering with the mouse and clicking it. Screenshot doesn't help in this
> > case.
> But I need a KDE 3 screenshots of the different states to show them
> how you'd like it. Trust me, that's the only way to file the bug such
> that it won't be ignored. Otherwise the dev has too much left to his
> imagination.

See attachment. Icon1 is untouched and icon2 shows the icon when hovered over 
with the mouse. There is a difference of colors, but there is no further 
visual difference between hovering and clicking. KDE3 used to have an option 
of seeing the icon as if it were a pressed button. Does this explanation make 
it any clearer?

> > I call BS. Mounting, unmounting, properties, size, filesystem etc. are
> > pieces of important information and I want to have these available before
> > using a basically crappy file manager. My file manager is cp, mv, ls, dd
> > and rm (plus cat and grep) and I'd like to use it on pluggable devices
> > before starting Dolphin.
> So why don't you mount manually?

Because there are many more steps involved in doing it:

* look at dmesg to see the exact device name
* An external hard disk with more than one partition need looking at to decide 
which partition you want to mount, i.e. cfdisk or mount them all and then use 
* mount device mountpoint
* unmount /mountpoint

It would be preferable to 
* get information about device and partitions before mounting
* letting you decide which partition to mount OR
* have them mounted automatically in standard places

> If your intention is to use the CLI
> then I'm not sure exactly what you are requesting here. I'm not being
> a smart-ass, I'm really trying to figure this out. What exactly is it
> that you need here? Was it available in KDE 3?

KDE3 took a different route: For each partition it showed you an individual 
icon. Right clicking on each of these you could see the type of file system, 
letting you mount/unmount it and/or open in konqueror. Gave you best of the 
two worlds between CLI and GUI.

> > As I said, my file manager is 5 two letter words and I'd like to use it
> > with pluggable devices. Give me a mount/umount/properties option on
> > pluggable devices and I'll be happy. I don't need graphical overhead to
> > do simple file operations.
> Can you not mount from the CLI? Or if HAL automounts the device, why
> can you not access it in /media or wherever else it is mounted?

See, I haven't figured out automounting a device in KDE4 without editing 
/etc/fstab. I realize that this is probably the "real" way to do it, but 
somehow I have refrained from looking up UUIDs of each and every device I 
might plug in (5 external hard disks, 3 Memory Sticks). I had hoped for a 
clean GUI way of a) seeing the device and mount/unmount it in KDE.

Probably the easiest way of doing it (that's the route I am taking now) is to 
actually open it in Dolphin as soon as the device turns up. Opening all 
partitions in let's say 4 different Dolphin windows, closing these windows, 
goint to Konsole, do a "mount" and then work on the file system I need. With 4 
partitions, two of them NTFS, two of them ext3, I still need to figure out 
which ones I actually want to work with.

> Please give an example of your KDE 3 workflow so that I can see what
> is missing in KDE 4.

* Plug in device
* Go to shell and start "mount" to see mount points and then cd to directory

> >> > And I'd like my
> >> > weather applet that I can I can actually read, not some gray on gray
> >> > thingy.
> >>
> >> Amen! Be specific as to what you would like changed, though. Don't
> >> ever leave the dev/designer to guess!
> >
> > 1. Gray on gray sucks.
> That's in the report

Very good. Incidentally, I found "yawp"


which I find cool, but for a simple version I'll be glad to take the old KDE3 
applet and its functionality.

> But just stating this won't get you anywhere, trust me. You must ask
> for each separate feature separately and specifically. That is because
> everything is being recoded from scratch.

I can see that now and I'll try to become more specific in the future.

> > I'd rather discuss them here first, because this gives me the opportunity
> > of seeing whether other people feel the same way or whether there is a
> > different way of getting the same results in 4.2 that I haven't figured
> > out yet.
> That is a good attitude. Thanks for your input!

I have probably not figured out automount in KDE4, so maybe that is the 
reason, why we go at length to see what I mwan with my workflow on mountable 

Thanks for your help!