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Month: May 2009

Re: [kubuntu-kde3.5-users] KDE 3 users: what is missing in KDE 4?

From: Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@...>
Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 22:17:26 +0300
> What is not obvious is the fact that the "old" system monitor is
> inextrinsically linked to ksysguard in a way that you could define monitors
> in ksysguard with all relevant parameters, i.e. defined range, color,
> sensor, vertical and horizontal lines and then drag&drop them into the
> panel.

Please excuse the plagiarism, but comment here to back the feature request up:

>> > Always the same, no difference between starting an application, viewing
>> > the desktop, and as soon as you got a couple of windows open the taskbar
>> > icons have just the same size, making the whole panel look like an icon
>> > regatta.
>> When you mention icons, do you mean Taskbar tasks? I really don't
>> understand this, please reword. Thanks.
> Panel is the whole thing on the bottom of the screen. Taskbar is the thing
> that shows active windows. Clicking on the the taskbar thingy makes the
> respective window come up front. Taskbar is part of the panel and what I was
> trying to say is that as soon as you have a certain number of applications
> open, their respective icons are not distinguishable from icons in other
> parts of the panel, leaving you with a large number of icons which looks
> overwhelming and cluttered. I mentioned separators between various aspects
> of the panel and these could help to know what's what.

I cannot reproduce this on my huge monitor! Can you please send to me
a screenshot? Thanks.

> There are only two states of an icon. Full colored and slightly opaque when
> you move the mouse pointer over it. There is no difference between hovering
> with the mouse and clicking it. Screenshot doesn't help in this case.

But I need a KDE 3 screenshots of the different states to show them
how you'd like it. Trust me, that's the only way to file the bug such
that it won't be ignored. Otherwise the dev has too much left to his

>> > * Applets/widgets
>> >
>> > Whatever you call them. The plug in device thingy is useless. I want to
>> > mount/unmount a device, not use one specific application for that.
>> You can do that from within Dolphin, you don't need the plasmoid (ha!
>> Not applet and not widget!) for that.
> I call BS. Mounting, unmounting, properties, size, filesystem etc. are
> pieces of important information and I want to have these available before
> using a basically crappy file manager. My file manager is cp, mv, ls, dd and
> rm (plus cat and grep) and I'd like to use it on pluggable devices before
> starting Dolphin.

So why don't you mount manually? If your intention is to use the CLI
then I'm not sure exactly what you are requesting here. I'm not being
a smart-ass, I'm really trying to figure this out. What exactly is it
that you need here? Was it available in KDE 3?

> As I said, my file manager is 5 two letter words and I'd like to use it with
> pluggable devices. Give me a mount/umount/properties option on pluggable
> devices and I'll be happy. I don't need graphical overhead to do simple file
> operations.

Can you not mount from the CLI? Or if HAL automounts the device, why
can you not access it in /media or wherever else it is mounted?

Please give an example of your KDE 3 workflow so that I can see what
is missing in KDE 4.

>> > And I'd like my
>> > weather applet that I can I can actually read, not some gray on gray
>> > thingy.
>> Amen! Be specific as to what you would like changed, though. Don't
>> ever leave the dev/designer to guess!

> 1. Gray on gray sucks.

That's in the report

> 2. Hovering with mouse I want information: Location, forecast, Air pressure

You must click, not hover. I added a request for hovering, and for
location. Forecast is a different plasmoid, and air pressure is
already included.

> 3. I want icons that say overcast, sunny, rainy, snow etc.

In the bug report!

> Basically: give me all the looks and functions of the 3.5 weather applet.

But just stating this won't get you anywhere, trust me. You must ask
for each separate feature separately and specifically. That is because
everything is being recoded from scratch.

> I'd rather discuss them here first, because this gives me the opportunity of
> seeing whether other people feel the same way or whether there is a
> different way of getting the same results in 4.2 that I haven't figured out
> yet.

That is a good attitude. Thanks for your input!

> PS: I'd like my dynamic background back. I used to have a desktop background
> with xplanet updating every 10 minutes, giving me the day/nigh line on
> earth, something that I find very helpful as a ham radio operator.
> Here is a screenshot:
> http://bloatware.de/DXCC.png

Give me some time to search BKO on that, it sounds familiar.

Dotan Cohen